A WORCESTER store's recycling scheme has enjoyed record support from city residents.

Staff at the Crown Decorating Centre, based at Great Western Business Park in Newtown Road, took the title of regional champion in the Kick Out The Can paint recycling scheme last year.

The campaign urges householders to bring unwanted paint containers into their store for recycling, helping the environment and charitable projects too.

More than 50,000 tins of unwanted paint have been collected over the years and are given a new lease of life when they are donated to community projects and deserving causes across the UK.

The figures for this year's campaign have now been released - and show that Worcester store saw its best response ever.

Mark Lloyd, sustainability manager at Crown Decorating Centres, said: "This is the fourth year we have now run the campaign and each year the public has shown more and more support in returning containers of surplus paint to Crown Decorating Centres across the UK.

"We are delighted that local people have once again taken the trouble to bring their unwanted paint into the store and contributed to a real recycling success story.

"A very big thank you to people in Worcester - once again, thank you for helping us to recycle old paint for a greater community good – we couldn’t have done it without you."

Any charitable or community groups who would benefit from a donation of pain are asked to get in contact through nimtech.org.uk.