Strictly Come Dancing contestant Susan Calman has called on fans to show their support and dress as Wonder Woman for Saturday night’s show.

Comedian Calman, 42, and her professional dance partner, Kevin Clifton, will dance the samba to the theme song from the Wonder Woman TV series.

The TV star shared a picture of her niece dressed up as the superhero on Twitter, writing alongside it: “My wonderful niece has dressed up to show me Strictly support.

“I’m Wonder Woman, she’s Wonder Woman, let’s all be Wonder Woman on Saturday.”

The Scottish comedian and Clifton are currently positioned mid-way on the leaderboard, with a combined score for the first two dances of 42, which translates to a seven-point total.

Strictly Come Dancing 2017BBC handout photo of Susan Calman and her dance partner Kevin Clifton (BBC)

Last month Calman announced she was participating in the BBC One dancing series as an example to her young niece.

She made the declaration after responding to nasty comments from trolls on Twitter.

She said she hoped to show the five-year-old that nobody has the right to make her feel bad about her appearance after hitting back at cruel comments from social media followers.

Calman had previously shared a photograph of herself looking glamorous in her full Strictly costume and had received a nasty comment from someone who wrote: “They let pigs dance?”

Fans rallied around her as she hit back, tweeting: “I don’t often interact with trolls but occasionally I do. For years I thought I was fat and ugly. I’m not. And I won’t let anyone say I am.”

She later added: “I have a 5 year old niece. I want her to know that no one (man or woman) should make her feel bad about how she looks. Strictly is for her.”

This weekend’s instalment of Strictly is one of the series’ most-anticipated episodes as the couples tackle the movie week theme.