IF you are an Antarctic penguin and you don't much like the cold, you are likely to draw attention to yourself.

And you might event find yourself the subject of a play at The Theatre Chipping Norton.

A spokesman said: "Brrr! is the touching tale of Steve, an Antarctic Penguin who doesn’t like the cold.

"Come on a magical journey as we join Steve on his adventure to visit his cousins in sunny South Africa. But how will he get there? It’s too far to waddle and Steve can’t fly. Thankfully Steve has a ukulele, and the help of some wonderful friends, including a rather strange creature who falls from the sky right into his garden."

The spokesman added: "A brand new winter production from Proteus Theatre - the company behind some of the UK’s favourite shows for younger audiences and the family – Brrr! features original live music and mesmerizing aerial performance designed by acclaimed choreographer Lorraine Moynehan.

"With plenty of audience interaction and spectacular visuals, Brrr! is a wonderfully engaging and enchanting experience for warming you and your little ones this winter."

The date for the diary is Saturday January 28, from 2.30pm.

Tickets on, 01608 642350 and www.chippingnortontheatre.com