COMEDIAN Mitch Benn's on his way to Tewkesbury with a morbid and pessimistic show.

But at least he's a realist, and the man speaks for us all, doesn't he?

A spokesman for his latest show, Don't Fear The Reaper, said: "It's been a morbid time for the country's leading musical satirist. He's

turned 47 - over the hill by anyone's standards - his personal life is in turmoil, and his childhood heroes are dropping like flies. At times like these, a man feels the Reaper creeping up on him.

"But is death anything to fear? And is it really the end?"

Mitch says, breaking in: "Yes. Yes it is, sorry!"

The spokesman added, after a meaningful and slightly disconcerting pause: "Let Mitch confront his and your mortality with hilarious and tuneful consequences. Join him! It's time you're not getting back!"

The date for the diary is March 8.

Tickets on, 01684 295074.