A group of local children who attended the same Tewkesbury swimming school as babies recently met up to enjoy a fun swim with their first swimming instructor.

The youngsters originally met over ten years ago at the pool side in Tewkesbury when their parents enrolled them for baby swimming classes with Aquatots run by Fiona Munt-Whittle.

Fiona says “The children and their parents have kept in touch with each other for all these years. Some families have gone on to have more children and have also managed to swim them with Aquatots.

Fiona, who lives in Twyning with her family, has been teaching babies and young children to swim for over 25 years. She set up the business just after the birth of her first child. “When Russell was born with special needs I could not find a swimming instructor for him so I taught him to swim myself. Other parents would come up to me, fascinated, and ask me for help in teaching their own babies to swim. This is how Aquatots was born”. A number of the original group are due to attend senior school this year. “They tell me they are even trying to make sure they attend the same Senior school. It seems friendships are made for ever” adds Fiona.

If you’d like to find out more or book a free taster session ring Jacqui in the Aquatots Office 01684 296296.