A FORMER senior partner at Pershore-based Abbey Forestry, has taken over as president of the Royal Forestry Society (RFS).

Andrew Woods, took a job in 1974 with woodland management specialists West Midland Woodlands, now Abbey Forestry in King George's Way, Pershore.

He joined the Abbey Forestry partnership, becoming Senior Partner, and took semi-retirement in 2013.

Members of the society range from woodland owners and foresters to enthusiasts for good woodland management.

Mr Woods said: "The message we need to convey is that there is more to forestry than just planting trees.

"The right choice of species for the location is vital, protection is important to achieve satisfactory establishment, and in the fullness of time maturity of the trees needs to deliver all the aesthetic, environmental and commercial results the original concept envisaged.

"But if the forest operations are being taken care of by a new generation of operators, the academic side of Forestry Studies must be protected. "Because it is only a knowledge that there are rewarding careers out there in Forestry Management that will bring forward youngsters to pursue them. The danger is that without the demand for HE or FE study, the colleges will discontinue their provision of these subjects."