TREES that were given an unscheduled trim by vandals with secateurs should not need to be replaced.

As we reported, about 20 newly-planted trees in the riverside town of Upton had their branches lopped off overnight back in April.

The trees were planted around the town’s sports fields by the Environment Agency as part of landscaping for a new flood defence bund.

The damage was so neat that Upton Town Council had to check it was not planned maintenance work it was unaware of.

Although the trees will suffer in the short-term, it is now thought that they will grow back naturally and do not need to be replaced.

Clara Clements, Upton’s deputy town clerk, said: “We are hoping that next year they will pick up again and will be okay. Unfortunately it remains a mystery quite who did this or why.”

She added that a nearby section of fence that was damaged at the same time is due to be replaced.