The Medieval Merriment retailer led event which took place on Independence Day was a big hit with locals and tourists alike.

The medieval procession, which left from Church Street led by a knight on horseback accompanied by medieval musicians and costumed retailers, was followed by a large number of tourists who arrived by coach.

Church Street and the High Street was lined by a cheering crowd made up of locals, shop and office workers who came out to see the colourful medieval pageant. Outside the Town Hall there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to symbolise the re-opening of the high street, and a net full of purple and gold balloons was released into the air. The Abbey bells rang out to celebrate the start of independent retailer month with much of the merriment continuing throughout the day with retailers offering free samples of medieval foods including medieval sausage from Halfords, Mead and Eccles cakes from Tewkesbury Deli. This is just the first of a series of events being planned by Tewkesbury's independent retailers – the weekend of Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21 sees green, white and red bunting being erected outside Tewkesbury’s eateries to mark the start of Discovery Tewkesbury's Italian Weekend. Check for further information about forthcoming events