PENDOCK Primary School is the only school in Worcestershire to be selected for the national Solar Schools campaign, which was launched on Wednesday.

The scheme helps schools to cut carbon and boost their budgets at the same time by selling electricity it generates back to the grid.

Sam White of Friends of Pendock School, the group behind the initiative, said: “We raise money to fund the cost of installing solar panels for the school. The Solar Schools project will provide us with lots of support to help us succeed. It uses an innovative fund-raising tool kit to help schools crowdsource money from their local communities.

“Parents, businesses and alumni can sponsor sections of the school’s virtual solar roof online, which then becomes a reality once the necessary cash is raised.

Once we have raised enough to fund the installation, Pendock School will be able to generate its own energy and sell some back to the national grid for years to come.”

“We need to raise £9,000 to complete the project. This will cover the cost of the planning application, surveys, and the purchase and installation of the solar panels.

We’d love to complete the project in spring 2013.

“The staff, children and parents are very excited about raising the money and about their unique position of being the only school in the area selected for this national campaign. We have already raised money through a dance and a jumble sale. Many more fun events are to follow.”

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