SLIMMERS have raised £210 by getting sponsored to increase their step count.

The Campden slimmers, who have lost 18 stone between them, completed a 7 mile celebration walk starting in Chipping Campden and ending in Broadway on Saturday September 2.

The group were taking part in the Walk All Over Cancer with Slimming World campaign, raising money for Cancer Research UK.

The champion slimmers attend the Chipping Campden Slimming World group run by Slimming World Consultant Bronwyn Heywood.

Member Claire Udell from Chipping Campden, who has lost 5 stone since joining the group in January 2016 said: "Before I lost the weight a challenge like this would have felt completely out of reach.

"I barely had the energy to go about my day, let alone go for a walk and at times I felt trapped inside my body. I would never have thought I could do something like this.

“Slimming World helped me break free from the shackles I felt were holding me back from living the life I dreamed of.

“Thanks to my weight loss and my new found love for moving more, I started to feel like myself again for the first time in years.

"Completing this walk with all of my Slimming World friends has been the icing on the cake of my weight loss journey."

Ms Heywood said: “I’m so proud of all of my members, including Claire who set themselves the challenge of walking more this August and absolutely smashed it.

"At Slimming World, we help our members find enjoyable ways of getting more active and encourage them to increase their activity levels step-by-step, until it becomes part of their daily routine."