Broadway is, for the right reasons being totally woolly about its past.

Sheep have grazed the Cotswolds for more than 2,000 years.

Like many towns in the Cotswolds during the medieval period their fleeces contributed considerably to the prosperity of Broadway town, now a village.

On Saturday September 23, Broadway Museum and Art Gallery, High Street, Broadway is hosting its first Wool Day, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Vice- chairman Liz Eyre said: “We have chosen our first foray into celebrating this part of Broadway’s past as close to National Wool Week, which starts on Monday 9th October, as we could.

"We will have a good line up of activities and demonstrations to educate, inspire and promote the benefits of wool, as well as telling our story of wool in Broadway.”

The museum hosts a timeline covering the evolution of Broadway and a separate display covering its wool history.

During the day the crafts of spinning and weaving will be showcased.

There will be an opportunity to discover the differences in types of fleece which influence so much the material and garments that can be made. Rich textiles and smaller woolly products will join other gifts for sale in the shop.