A DRIVER has slammed council chiefs for not offering compensation after his car was damaged by a pothole.

Ed Harvey, says that he had a flat tyre because of the damage on the A429 coming into Moreton and claimed that four other cars and a truck also had damage at the same time.

Mr Harvey blamed Gloucestershire County Council for the damage, although the council claim that the damage was caused by Thames Water as a water pipe deflated during work.

Mr Harvey said: "I had instant damage to my front passenger wheel which deflated within minutes.

"There was an obvious hole from work that was done the night before which you couldn't see in time at 6.45am in the dark.

"Four other cars and a truck all had damage straight after me. The council put up no warning, signage nor barriers around the hole.

"We have constant work going on that road and water leaks but they never seem to sort it properly, but still want to build more and more housing putting pressure on facilities.

"I was not going over the speed limit but lucky it was only car damage as a big lack in judgement not to barrier off the hole.

"We pay our taxes for support on our roads and I now will have a £100+ bill due to this negligence which I expect the council to refund."

A Gloucestershire County Council spokesman said: "Following the concerns reported by Mr Harvey we carried out a safety check of the area.

"The damage to the road was caused during ongoing work by Thames Water, we have advised Mr Harvey to contact them for compensation.”

A Thames Water spokesman said: "We would fully investigate any claim."