RESIDENTS of Shipston and the surrounding area are being challenged to go plastic free for a week.

From Monday, January 31, until Sunday, February 6, supporters of Transition Shipston are being asked to ditch plastic products in favour of a more sustainable approach to shopping.

The challenge, which organiser Jenny Lanham of Main Street, Long Compton, admits will be tough, will mean those taking part will attempt to live plastic free for the week. They will try to avoid buying any products that come wrapped in plastic and plastic carrier bags and bottles.

Jenny said that said that the challenge would mean buying vegetables and fruit at the greengrocers or only loose items from the supermarket, getting milk delivered locally in glass bottles and reusing the plastic you already have in the home by recycling carrier bags and taking your own containers to the butchers.

“It is about trying to get people more aware of how much plastic they consume even when they are not intending to,” said Jenny. “Even cereal boxes have plastic bags inside.”

However, Jenny knows it will not be easy. “It’s a huge challenge. I have done it before with friends and we haven’t managed to do it.”

“I’m not expecting everyone to succeed 100 per cent but the point is to bring home the message and try to reduce our waste. I see it as an experiment. It’s mainly to open people’s eyes to what they consume,” she added.

Jenny, who has three children Gabriel, aged four, Raphael, two, and baby Athena, four months, said that sometimes it can be difficult, even within families.

“Generally we use cloth nappies but every once in a while my husband Robert buys disposable nappies. He’s not as green-minded as I am.”

If people want to take part they can register at letting Jenny know their location and how many people in the household will be taking part plus any feedback after the event.