A MOTHER-of-four from Bledington is appealing for two bicycles to be returned after they were stolen from her back garden.

Teressa Causier said she thought it was “disgusting”

after two bikes belonging to her daughters, Ceileigh and Leoni, were taken from their garden on Old Burford Road overnight on Tuesday, June 12.

Her 15-year-old daughter Ceileigh, who is deaf and partially sighted and suffers with mild cerebral palsy, uses the blue and silver Apollo bike to get around the village while 11-year-old Leoni’s pink and blue bike was a Christmas gift.

Mrs Causier said the bikes were kept at the side of their back garden with two smaller bikes which were left untouched. “My first thought was that it’s somebody who wanted transport quickly, possibly to get to the train station in Kingham,” she said.

“They were visible from the road but they’ve been in that same place for 18 months and they were still there after the Stow Horse Fair – a time when people would assume they would be stolen.

“It would be nice if the people that took them returned them. I think it’s disgusting that somebody could do that to a couple of young girls especially with special needs.

“If they could just have knocked on the door and said they needed a lift we would have given them one.”

If anyone has any information they should contact police on 101.