A TREASURED bargain shop has closed down ahead of a major regeneration project.

An 'emotional' closing party was held at the New Hope 50p shop, in Rose Avenue, Tolladine, Worcester, on Tuesday, October 3.

Worcester Angling Centre will also relocate from the street to a new premises in Brickfields Road on Tuesday, October 10.

Fortis Living plans to demolish the row of shops and build four retail units and four houses.

Jean Wilson, founder of New Hope, said: "I think they [locals] will miss it dreadfully. We had some wonderful donations.

"We have got young mums who might have three or four children and they could kit their kids out for a fiver or £10. The found it beneficial.

"They were buying books for their children. You had people buying toys for play groups.

"People donated some really good stuff there. We had labelled goods, clothes from Next, designer shoes and handbags.

"It's amazing what people will chuck out."

Ms Wilson, aged 55, said one person donated some jewellery and she sold it for £300 on Ebay.

She added that the eight people who volunteered at the shop enjoyed cakes at the closing party.

The team also stripped the pink and yellow paint from the front of the shop and returned it to how it was when they moved in 18 months ago.

Ms Wilson praised the community spirit in Tolladine and said the area often gets bad press.

New Hope is a charity which helps disabled children aged between six and 17 by providing holiday and weekend care.

Gary Hickton, aged 54, owner of Worcester Angling Centre, said his shop was also closing down because of the Fortis Living development.

He said: "We are moving because of the regeneration of the shops.

"They [Fortis] gave me notice. They are knocking them all down. I believe they are going from eight shops to four shops.

"It will all be bulldozed. I'm very excited about moving, it's three times as big the new shop."

Mr Hickton said he hopes to have extra stock in the bigger store and said it was good news for fishing enthusiasts.