WORK will be starting on more highways local schemes for Tewkesbury early next month.

An overflow drain is set to be installed on Queens Road to prevent the road from flooding.

At the moment during periods of heavy rainfall, water floods the ditches along the road and prevents the road gullies from discharging.

This leads to deep water collecting on the road and can mean the road is closed to traffic. The new drain will help the water discharge from the road.

Work will also begin on kerbing improvement outside Queen Margaret School because parking outside the school is difficult for parents picking up and dropping off children and is made worse by an existing traffic island which limits parking spaces even more.

Realigning the kerbs outside the school will increase the availability of parking.

These schemes, along with the resurfaced footway at Kingston Road in Northway which was recently completed, are being funded by a £10,000 budget allocated to each county councillor in Gloucestershire.

The two county councillors for Tewkesbury, Councillors Vernon Smith and Mike Sztymiak, have pooled their resources to address a number of issues in Tewkesbury.

The councillors have all talked to people in their communities and worked with their local highways manager to develop schemes to benefit the local area.

Coun Smith said: “Flooding of Queens Road has been problematic in Tewkesbury. I am pleased that, using Highways Local funding and working with the community and Gloucestershire Highways, we have been able to come up with a solution to the problem.”

Coun Sztymiak added: “The Queens Road drainage scheme is a simple solution to solve an outstanding problem which will hopefully improve safety and reduce the risk of flooding.

"The parking availability around Queen Margaret School is not good for both parents and visitors, so the few extra spaces created will hopefully help improve the situation and make it safer and easier to park.”