A KIDDERMINSTER resident living near to the scene of a tragedy involving a six-year-old girl has described an atmosphere of “shock” and “concern” as neighbours heard what was happening.

Jonathon Waring, of The Foxholes, said so many police and other emergency services surrounded Springfield Park he “thought it was a manhunt”.

The six-year-old girl fell into the canal at Springfield Park - near the Wolverley Court Lock - just before 6.20pm last night. She was pronounced dead a short time after arriving at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Mr Waring said: “There was a lot of police and fire engines coming along the Stourbridge Road then we heard the police helicopter flying very low and it landed on Springfield Park. It dropped two people off and they ran across the field.

“I went down to have a look and there was a lot of ambulance and police and fire crews everywhere and by the canal crossing. I thought it was a manhunt because so many were there, I went up to Wolverley and there were officers up there as well.

“Residents were telling us that a little girl had fallen in. A lot of people had come out of their houses and were stood in their driveways. Everyone was very shocked and devastated about what was going on.

“We were very concerned and worried about the little girl. Some people were saying why is there no fences by the canal but then you cannot fence a whole canal off.”

He said after police arrived at the scene the helicopter arrived at about 6.30pm and left about 50 minutes later.

Two other children, who also fell in, are expected to make a full recovery.