A PROJECT started by a local Tewkesbury man has come to a close 365 days after he started.

Paul Huggins, aged 37 of Newtown decided he would give himself the challenge of taking an original photo every day for a year and post the results on facebook.

He said: "I’ve been taking photos for about ten year now, but I’ve learnt so much doing this project. I have to admit I did become a little obsessed making it a rather time consuming activity.

"I couldn’t just take a quick snap – I wanted to take the time to learn new techniques, set the photo up properly and get the perfect image I was after."

And Mr Huggins succeeded in his project despite some very new challenges as a first time father.

He added: "As all the parents out there know, finding the time to do something when you have kids, especially a new baby is really challenging. Sometimes I managed to squeeze something into my lunch break and it was a relief, but other days I’d be up pretty late trying to get it finished. What was nice is that my daughter Emily was very inspirational and was in many of the finished photos."

The photos got a great response from friends of Mr Huggins, with many compliments, funny comments and even the odd bit of controversy.

"I took a photo of a homeless person in Cheltenham. This played on my mind. I gave the guy some money, which made me think I might be taking advantage of his situation.

"This sparked a debate on both sides between Facebook friends about homelessness, with those who felt concerned for him and those who didn’t have a lot of time for him. I'm still not sure how I feel about taking that photo."

Despite a bit of controversial debate Mr Huggins still loves photography and has found the process very rewarding, pushing himself to indoor projects he’d never undertaken before and a new idea of self portraits.

He concluded: "I’m so pleased I did this project and the feedback I’ve received has made it really worthwhile. The photos are publically available should anyone be interested in seeing more."

Anyone interested in seeing his photography can visit his website paulhugginsphotography.com to see the whole collection.