BIRDS that caused a town clock to grind to a halt for months last summer have moved back in.

There was much head scratching last year when the clock on Upton’s Old Church Tower suddenly stopped working, and the mystery was only solved when Malvern Hills District Council called in specialist clockmakers Smiths of Derby, who discovered a family of jackdaws living inside.

The birds had stuffed the inside of the clock’s dial with sticks, straw and mud and could not be moved because there were chicks living in the nest.

Although the birds eventually flew the nest, allowing the clock to be cleaned and restarted, Upton residents have spotted them there again this week.

MHDC is monitoring the situation but would not do anything to disturb the birds if the problems should arise again.

Economic development manager Simon Smith said: “The clock is still operating as normal and we would not do anything to disturb nesting birds and their young.

“We will keep a close eye on the situation and if any remedial action is required we will undertake this once the birds have flown the nest.”