AS TWENTY-one members fished the Stillwater Shield match on the Withies pool at the Jubilee Fishery.

Benefiting from drawing the golden peg was winner Phil Seedhouse (W25, 61-10) ahead of Rob Holloway (W27, 49-2) and Richard Ford (W36, 45-4). Section wins went to Fred Reynolds (W30, 37-10), Tim Hunt (W5, 21-8) and Steve Foster (W19, 19-12).


COMING out on top from peg 45 was Clive Branson, who found quality roach on hempseed fished down the middle of the river.

The former Welsh international loose-fed hemp on a long pole line and fished a strung out rig over the top with roach to 1lb coming to his net.

Evesham Town and Ferry Waters, 67 fished: Branson (Cardiff Nomads) 15-12, Andy Murphy (Shimano Wales) 12-8 (peg 17), Trevor Chalk 9-5 (peg 67), Dave Harris 8-14 (peg seven), Daniel Smith 8-1 (peg 40). Qualifiers: Murphy, Branson and Dave Kirk.


LAST year’s Shakespeare champion, Welsh International Andy Murphy, claimed victory in the last qualifier of 2012.

Drawn on peg 65, Murphy pinned his faith in a chopped worm and caster approach on the long pole – and it paid off in grand style.

He found several big eels and a host of smaller perch on the flat float to end with a 7-2 total.

Evesham Town and Ferry Waters , 78 fished: Murphy 7-2, Tony Woodhouse 7-0 (peg nine), John Rafferty 6-6-8 (peg 74), Chalk 5-11 (peg 23), Terry Parrott (Sensas WB Clarke) 5-0 (peg 17).

Qualifiers : Woodhouse, Simon Tucker and Rafferty.


MEMBERS met at Jubilee Fishery on the Withies Pool with everyone catching.

Results : Jerry Akerman 26lbs 4oz, Mick Leeming 22-10, James Tamson 17-4, Bob Southall 15-10, Pat Howe 14-8, Barbara Marshall 11-12, Howard Norledge 3-14.

Helpers : Doug Greenow 47-4, Pete Brimm 45-12, Russell Davis 16-10, Clive Leeming 16-8, Stan Woods 10-12, Roger Norledge 6-12, Mick Holder 2-4.


Middle Pool : Kevin Giles (MFL, peg 24) 146-0, Terry Winstone (Bonehill Mill, peg 26) 93-12, Barry Duggan (Warwick Portobello, peg eight) 91-10. Carp and tench caught on dog biscuit, pole and pellet and bread.

Boundary Pool : Phil Tipton (Billy No Mates, peg 30) 223-4, Rob Dawber (Platt Bridge Tackle, peg 36) 127-4, John Newton (Smithys Tackle, peg 17) 74-4. Fourteen fished. Carp, skimmers and tench caught on pole and pellet and groundbait feeder.

Island Pool : Giles (peg 12) 158-0, Rob McKenzie (Glos Ang Centre, peg 27) 139- 4, Rob Avery (Kingfisher, peg 31) 131-4.

Commons, mirrors, F1s and tench caught on dog biscuit, pole and pellet.