BROADWAY ladies lost 77-75 to Croydon in the Top Club quarter-finals at Royal Leamington Spa.

Sue Davies got them off to a good start by winning the singles 21-15 before Lynn Ashby and Viv Hall followed up with a 23-19 pairs victory.

It was always going to go down to shots difference, however, as the triples and fours were well down for three-quarters of the game.

In the triples, Trish Emms, Mary Shephard and Joan Parfitt held seven shots before the opposing skip, with her last bowl, managed to seal a 21-17 win.

Betty Mansion, Maureen Ford, Yvonne Hopkins and Bridget Cresswell had five shots on the final end in the fours but were denied 22-14.

Croydon beat Wellingborough in the semis but lost to Wigton, Cumbria, in the final. In the last friendly of the season, a mixed Broadway team lost 106-96 at Whaddon in Cheltenham with three rink defeats.

Gary Robinson was a 25-16 victor against Mike Hodges and Geoff Foster kept up his winning ways with a 24-20 success over Pete McGiffie.

Steve Aldren lost his way after a superb start against Myra Davis, going down 22- 19, while John Oliver trailed Roger Merrick 18-14 and Mick Aubrey fell 30-14 to Graeme Kack.