As a lawyer, paperwork is part of my daily job, but keeping copies of documents and emails can make a crucial difference to the success of a company. Documents don’t need to be on paper – if they’re stored electronically, that’s better for the environment - but they do need to be easily accessible.

I find that clients who ask for legal advice early on, especially if they’re at a difficult point in their business life, will save time and money in the long-run – if they have solid support systems and policies in place, that helps too.

A key part of my job is to make sure that the people I advise, whether they are company directors, business owners, lenders or insolvency practitioners, understand clearly what they are signing up to. I make sure that documents are written in plain English and I am happy to explain any areas which a client doesn’t fully grasp. After all, no one should sign anything they don’t fully understand.

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Although some of the questions I’m asked are technical and complex, some are very simple – where do I need to sign (usually on the last page) or what is the deadline for filing papers at court (usually by 4pm)? It is far better to ask, however simple the question seems, than to be left in the dark.

Answering questions and drafting documents clearly – these are aspects of my work which I enjoy because communication is very important. That focus carries over into my life outside work; I studied languages at university before I became a lawyer and I love being able to travel and communicate with people in their own language.