THE former owner of Malvern Glass has come to the rescue after the business ceased trading at the start of the month.

Mel Stocker, from Malvern, has purchased the assets of the company, despite selling them three years ago due to ill health, and has now re-opened the showroom in Spring Lane North, Malvern and the factory.

Up to a dozen of the firm’s full-time staff have been re-employed after being sent home when the double glazing company shut down on February 1.

Mr Stocker started the business in 1979 and sold it in 2006, keeping ownership of the building.

He said news of its demise had convinced him to give it another go.

“It upset us because we had it for 27 years.

“I’ve always owned the building so I decided to buy it up and put a manager in there to run it for the future.”

The business had employed between 18 and 20 staff, mostly full-time, but had suffered badly in to the economic climate, made worse by a severe slowdown during the heavy snow of January.

Mr Stocker said: “I would hope to re-employ two-thirds of them in the short term, although I’m not really sure in the long term.

“We will certainly put three fitting teams back out on the road.

“I will continue to give the service I have given Malvern for 27 years.

“I shall pick up all my old contacts. I had a reputation in the area for good service and the aim is to return to that.

“I’m sure a lot of customers will be coming back.”

The purchase was completed last week, with the showroom opening again less than 24 hours after the paperwork was completed.

Pete Stone, who has been at the company since 1990, has been put in place as manager.

He said: “We need a week or so to get things ship-shape .

“The main thing is getting across to people we’re actually open again.”