THESE two men may have clues to an attempted break-in at a locksmith’s.

Jerry Davis, the owner of Amber Locks, Bridge Street, Evesham, has released stills from his CCTV cameras in the hope that someone will be able to identify them.

The pair are seen on camera approaching the shop on foot at about 3.30am on Wednesday, January 14.

The first man is wearing a distinctive Batman baseball cap with a hooded top and jumper while the other has a red baseball cap, leather jacket and jumper.

Both are white.

Mr Davis, who has run Amber Locks for 14 years, said: “Whoever broke in damaged the door as they tried to get in, but we are a locksmiths so, of course, we have very strong locks.

“Fortunately, they could not get into the shop. It may have been less than £100 damage to the door, but it is frustrating.

“I’m very angry about it because it is so senseless and petty. It’s difficult enough for businesses to survive as it is without having to pay for damage like this to be fixed.

“They should pay, why should I have to pay? It’s not just the money though it is the time you have to take to sort it all out.

“I just want to bring the culprits to justice.”

West Mercia Police are investigating the attempted break-in and studying the CCTV footage. If you recognise either men in the pictures, call police number 101 quoting reference number 144-S-140115.