An 80 year old Worcester man's bizarre sexual assaults on a six year old girl and a waitress in full public view may have been due to deterioration to the frontal lobe of his brain, a judge accepted today. There was no other explanation for Anthony Beddard's behaviour at two pubs, one in Gloucestershire and the other in Worcestershire, a court was told. Until he committed the offences, widower Beddard had been a respectable man who had worked in the mining industry before running his own business, Gloucester crown court heard. At the Yew Tree pub in Chaceley, nr Tewkesbury, Glos, on 21st Sept 2013 Beddard was with family and friends when he was seen to fondle a six year old girl, stroking her inner thigh and moving his hand up and down her groin, said prosecutor Anjali Gohil. She told the court he placed his hand over the girl's va**na and used his thumb to rub her cl***ris - over the clothing. He had also been seen putting his hand inside the waistband of her clothing but the prosecution could not say more than that, Ms Gohil added. She told the court the offence happened when Beddard and his companions were sitting at a table at the Yew Tree. His best friend, sitting right next to him, coould not believe what he was seeing and he moved away and asked someone else to go and look to verify what Beddard was doing. Ms Gohil said that in May last year, at another pub, Beddard suddenly bit the arm of a waitress who was moving a bowl from his table. Later that month he was back at the same pub when he kissed the back of the same waitress's neck as she kneeled down at the table. "She asked what he thought he was doing and he just laughed," Ms Gohil said Judge Jamie Tabor QC said Beddard was a man of previous excellent character who had been psychologically and medically assessed and was not suffering from dementia, as had earlier been suspected. However, some deterioration of the frontal lobe of the brain had been found. The frontal lobe controlled anger and inhibition and the deterioration could have led to his unusual behaviour. Steve Young, defending, "He has been candid and clear with me but he cannot give a clear account of exactly what happened with these offences. His best friend was sitting next to him when he assaulted the young girl and he just walked away unable to believe his own eyes. "He asked someone else to look and the defendant was doing it again. "The circumstances of this case are odd, bizarre." Judge Tabor sentenced Beddard to a total of 2 years imprisonment suspended for two years. He also placed him under 18 months supervision and ordered him to pay £250 compensation to the waitress. Beddard, of Basin rd, Worcester, had pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault and one of common assault. The judge told Beddard "I regard this as a very sad case. You lived to the age of 78 without a blemish on your life. You held down a number of v ery serious jobs. I note at at one time you worked in a colliery for five years and managed to buy a house outright from the money you earned. "You then had your own business, a happy married life, and you now have grown up children. Sadly your wife died of cancer and I suspect then yo became quite lonely. The business at that stage suffered a great deal - she had been the bookkeeper. "Then out of the blue you sexually touch a six year old child in full view of everybody in a public place. It was quite extraordinary behaviour. "Then even more extraordinarily you bite someone serving you in another pub and on a later occasion kiss her on the neck. It was deeply upsetting for her and quite unacceptable. "However it may not be as inexplicable as first thought becuase it has been found there has been deterioration of the frontal lobe of your brain. I can only conclude that this subtle change has reduced your inhibitions to an extraordinary extent."