A CONVICTED multi-million pound fraudster from Tewkesbury was given a seven-year prison sentence by Westminster magistrates this week for failing to pay back a £1.3 million confiscation order.

Hugh James Rodley, aged 69, a self-styled 'Lord', was previously jailed for eight years in 2009 for his role in an attempt to steal £229 million by hacking into the computers of a Japanese bank.

Then in 2012, while still serving his sentence, he was given an extra seven years after a City of London Police investigation resulted in him being convicted for conning 741 pensioners out of £5.4 million by selling them worthless shares in a boiler-room scam.

In November 2014, Rodley was ordered to hand over £1,236,737, which the National Crime Agency (NCA) and City of London Police financial investigators were able to identify as profits he made from both criminal enterprises.

He was told that failure to repay the money would result in an additional seven years' sentence.

Among the assets identified as being acquired from Rodley's criminality were luxury cars and Rodley’s manor house in Gloucestershire.

City of London Police Acting Detective Sergeant Melonie Moody, from the force’s Asset Recovery Team said: “Rodley now faces the consequence for failing to pay the confiscation order with one of the biggest default sentences we have seen in recent times. Our work does not stop here and we are now co-ordinating further legal proceedings which will hopefully enable us to reunite 741 victims with money they had lost to Rodley.

“This result sends a clear message to the criminals who must realise that punishment does not end with a conviction and possible prison sentence. The City of London Police Asset Recovery Team will continue to investigate financial affairs and assets accumulated, ensuring that those who profit from criminal activity are forced to pay back what they owe.”

Stephanie Jeavons, deputy director of the NCA’s Economic Crime Command, said: “Rodley is a career criminal who has funded his lavish lifestyle at the expense of others. This default sentence shows the seriousness of his failure to pay; the confiscation order remains in place and we will continue to work with our partners in the City of London Police to recover his criminal profits.”