A new KFC restaurant could be coming to Evesham.

But would it be better located in the centre rather than at the Twyford service station on the A46 outside town?

The proposed building is single storey, and will have an internal floor space of 305 square metres according to plans lodged with Wychavon District Council.

If the scheme is approved, the takeaway, with an attached drive-thru facility will share an access route with recently approved Costa Coffee drive-thru.

Evesham Civic Society has opposed the new ‘ad hoc’ development saying: “It is essential that a proper plan is made so that future proposals do not detract from the Vale of Evesham and its prominent setting above the River Avon”.

Evesham resident Ellis Tustin, 23, said he thinks the new restaurant will be an eyesore.

He said: “Many people won’t like this idea, as they have this idyllic view of Evesham which is old-fashioned, quaint pubs and historic architecture.

“It will be a monstrosity on the side of the road, but at least it is not in the town centre.

“But the town is moving on and people will want to hike there from Marilyn’s at three in the morning which is also going to make it dangerous.”

Some also criticised the plan for being accessible only by car, and not by pedestrians, cyclists or buses.

The Civic Society added: “The proposal will appeal to younger people, therefore it is essential that access by foot and bicycle is catered for.

“Traffic is a major problem with the A46, and this will be exacerbated by the anticipated increase in traffic resulting from this proposal.”

Residents in Evesham have mixed views on the new restaurant, with some saying it would be better placed in the town centre.

Sarah Brotherton, 47, lives in Evesham town centre. She said: “I like KFC so it is fine by me. But as someone who doesn’t drive, I would only be able to go if someone took me as I wouldn’t cross that busy road. It might be better placed in the town centre as it would be more accessible.”

Alice Usher, 22, of Charity Crescent said: “Twyford roundabout is already a nightmare, traffic is bad enough and this is only going to make things worse. It’s not as if people are realistically going to be able to walk there.”

Other residents expressed their concerns over the traffic on the A46, which is already bad.

Sarah Davies, 50, who lives in Eastwick Park said: “It will create jobs for people in the town, which is needed seeing as there are so many people now. The traffic is terrible, but there is nothing we can do about that is there? The bypass should have been expanded a long time ago.”

Liz Johnson, 22, of St David’s Road said: “I think this KFC is a good idea, it is showing expansion. But the problem is they’re developing the business of Evesham but not the infrastructure. They need to focus on roads and how they are going to handle the new onslaught of traffic, especially in an area which is notoriously bad.”

The planning committee will discuss the plan at the council chambers in Pershore on Thursday January 11 at 2pm.