A LORRY reportedly smashed into a telegraph pole, crashed into a fence and churned up a neighbour's garden as it attempted to turn in Evesham.

A lorry was seen on CCTV heading up a narrow bridlepath off the A44 between the Wood Norton Hotel and Fladbury despite signs indicating that there are weight restrictions along the road.

The vehicle was seen at 2.13pm on Monday (January 8) and a resident says that the driver was lucky not to crash into the electricity pole just metres from the telegraph pole.

Dawn Nutton, who lives at the house which saw the telegraph pole knocked, said: "The bridlepath has signs indicating there are weight restrictions due to an old bridge that has to be crossed to access the properties. The driver ignored these signs and drove to the top of the hill.

"There they tried to turn his vehicle. The truck smashed into a fence and churned up the garden, drove onto another neighbours garden and churned that up, reversed into a telegraph pole with such force that the 9m pole was leaning at such an unstable angle BT had to remove it.

"It is lucky that the telegraph pole was hit and not the adjacent electricity pole.

"Then the truck drove forward removing more fencing and churning up more garden.

"The driver completed the manoeuvre by churning up another neighbours garden and hardstanding.

"The driver also caused damage to the surface of the bridlepath.

"The driver is then caught on CCTV going back onto the A44 at 14:23."

Anyone with information, contact police on 101 quoting incident number 158S110118.