BIDFORD Parish Council hope to upgrade all 113 streetlights and improve facilities in the Big Meadow after passing their neighbourhood development plan.

In June 2017, 94.1 percent voted yes to their strategic plan project.

The council, has also pledged to support business in the High Street and industrial estates, as well as developing a youth project and upgrading play areas.

The council has also agreed a 2 percent increase on the Band D contribution per person to its precept, approximately £2.40 extra per annum and below the current inflation rate of 3 percent.

Elisabeth Uggerloese, clerk of the parish council said: "This will lead to realising improvements to services within the parish and enhance the quality of the life for our residents.

"The parish council is now keen to implement the strategic projects, voiced by our community via several surveys carried out in our parish since 2014.