A GLOUCESTERSHIRE resident almost lost £1000 in an iTunes voucher scam in the county last month.

The woman was called by someone pretending to be from TalkTalk and telling her that her computer needed updating.

Over the course of three days they called her numerous times and told her she owed several hundred pounds, manipulating her at every opportunity to win her trust and then telling her the company had overpaid her by nearly £4000.

This money did appear in the victim's account but was in fact from the victim's own savings account. It is unknown how this happened but will have been coordinated by the fraudsters as part of their MO.

The fraudsters then asked her to pay them back £1000 in iTunes vouchers.

Fortunately a shop worker raised the alarm when the victim tried to purchase the vouchers and called police.

The victim's bank froze her account and thankfully no money was lost.

Please be alert to the danger of these scams happening to you, a friend or loved one and call police on 101 if you feel a fraud is being carried out.

Police are asking shop workers to be alert to anyone who may have been a victim of the attack.