VOLUNTEERS are being encouraged to come forward to help make sure people in custody are being treated fairly.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is looking to recruit independent custody visitors to make unannounced visits to police custody to ensure police are following the correct rules and procedures.

Mr Campion said: “I am passionate about giving members of the public the opportunity to get more involved in policing and to volunteer their time to make a valuable contribution to their communities.

“The work of the independent custody visitors is crucial in providing transparency and confidence in policing.

“I know, from speaking to our existing volunteers, that they find the role incredibly rewarding.

“It’s a great opportunity to get a glimpse into an area of policing that not many members of the public would come into contact with.”

Volunteers are recruited by the commissioner from the local community and are independent of the police service.

The play a vital role in not only monitoring the welfare of people in police custody, but also strengthening public confidence in police practices.

Custody suites need to be visited once a week – sometimes during unsociable hours – so whilst volunteering does not take up much time, flexibility is helpful.

Training and support will be provided in order to carry out the role.

For more information visit westmercia-pcc.gov.uk/working-together/current-vacancies.