A MAJOR plan for 500 new homes has been submitted for a small village.

Bredons Hardwick is subject to the plan at land east of Bredon Road including two vehicle access points from the B4080 and a pedestrian and cycle access from Derwent Drive.

Residents have criticised the major plan, due to concerns about green spaces access.

Chris Peoples told Wychavon District Council: "I have concerns regarding the local environment and in particular the impact increased surface water drainage will have.

"This development will also occupy green space enjoyed by local residents, which already seems to be at a premium.

"The proposed interconnecting cycle way is a concern with regards to security - currently the cu-de-sac to the east of Derwent Drive enjoys the benefits of having no through traffic thus making this area a far more secure area.

"The increase in traffic is of course a huge concern on the main B4080, which surely cannot be ignored.

"I also question the pressure that this development will place on the existing school in Mitton, whilst I am sure the school has evolved over the years to account for the increased developments to the west of the B4080, could this simply be a

'development too far', and result in a negative effect on existing residents looking to utilise the school for there children's schooling."

Richard Tarling added: "The provision of proposed dwellings in the area fails to accommodate the needs of Tewkesbury in that it reduces access to open country side for the residents in the Mitton / Lower town areas.

The damage to the local wildlife and ECO System in this area will be irreversible with the high loss of ground water dispersal land mass leading to increase the of flooding to the town area as seen in 2007.

The Bredon road B4080 lacks the necessary capacity to accommodate an extra 1000 + cars a day that are likely to command access to this development thus increasing local carbon emissions and other air pollutions.

"Wychavon have not provided any infrastructure improvements or increased local social capacity."

Marilyn Killingsworth commented: "I am seriously concerned out the plans to build on yet more of the flood plane. Did we learn nothing from 2007?

"This is also an area of considerable natural beauty. A haven for wildlife, including woodpeckers.

"I have seen myself school children stop and look at one in wonder. Bredon Road is already very busy and the roundabout at the Black Bear hardly copes. Mitton School is overfull and the cars parked at home time is horrendous."

The consultation is open until Thursday May 31.