A CHILD ran in a five kilometre run to help reduce trophy hunting.

Deven Trotman, 11, of Moreton took part in the Bubble Rush last weekend, a five kilometre run with thousands of multi-coloured bubbles.

He also took part in a silver triathlon which included a 100 metre swim, four kilometre cycle and a 2000 metre run.

Deven of Kitebrook School wants to raise £500, which would go towards the cost of armed park rangers for the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in South Africa.

A keen animal supporter, Deven wants to protect elephants, rhinos and other wildlife from being killed by poachers.

Natasha Whitelock, Deven's mother said: "Deven is very passionate about saving the animals. They are helpless against guns and poison darts.

"His worry is that if nothing is done now, none will be left roaming free in the wild, and that his generation and the children after will miss out on seeing how they lived in their natural habitat.

"The only way to help and save these beautiful free animals is to guard them with rangers who themselves get fired at and have been killed while protecting."