A SCHOOL is celebrating after being rewarded with a "good" Ofsted rating.

Pebworth First School has bounced back from being given a "requires improvement" rating at their last inspection, with the report highlighting a stronger leadership team and higher standards as reasons for this.

The report said: "At the end of key stage 1 in 2017, standards in reading, writing and mathematics were above national figures. Progress for current pupils is good.

"Governance has improved significantly. Together with school leaders, governors have created a more ambitious culture.

"In all three classes, teaching is good. Pupils read regularly and most are competent readers.

"Pupils behave well. They show respect for one another and their school.

"Staff take responsibility for pupils’ safety and welfare. Consequently, pupils feel secure and happy at school.

"Parents and carers are very positive about the school. They have confidence that the school is improving and that their children are learning and making progress.

"Good early years provision ensures that children are well prepared for key stage 1.

"The breadth of the curriculum is a significant strength. A variety of school activities inspire pupils to learn about their community, acquire life skills and develop an interest in the wider world."

After the improvement, Ofsted also offered tips on how to reach an "outstanding" level next time around.

The report added: "Improve the impact of leadership and management on school improvement by ensuring that the impact of the school’s work on pupils’ outcomes is routinely and systematically checked and that governors receive clear information about how well pupils are doing.

Continue to improve teaching and raise standards by making sure that staff quickly adjust tasks in lessons when pupils already understand or find the work too difficult and providing opportunities for pupils to apply their phonics skills in a range of situations."

They were also told to work with families to improve the attendance of pupils who are absent too often.

Lorna Button, head teacher said: "This was really positive outcome for our wonderful school and we are delighted that the inspector recognised the range of fantastic opportunities offered to all our children.

"After all, there cannot be many schools with just 36 pupils with their very own brass band, for example.

"Pebworth staff and pupils are amazing and they deserved this judgement."