THE NHS is 70 - and staff at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust have reflected on their time working in healthcare.

Among them is Doris Kershaw, 92, a volunteer with the Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

She has worked with the hospital since 1966, when her neighbour asked her to join The Friends of Worcester Royal Infirmary as a buffet helper. A few years later she became chairman.

Mrs Kershaw said: "During the days of the Castle Street hospital, The Friends had 90 members.

"This wonderful band of helpers braved floods and snow blizzards to serve refreshments to staff and patients.

"Hot and cold drinks were sold, together with chocolate bars and sticky buns from Clapton’s Bakery.

"When the Worcestershire Royal Hospital opened, the buffet and its volunteers were no longer required. It was the end of an era."

When asked what her proudest moment with the trust was, Mrs Kershaw said: "Being invited to the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for my services to the hospital and receiving The Sapphire Award for Outstanding Voluntary Work for Patients in 1995, presented to me by the actor Richard Wilson."

Mrs Kershaw said: "The Friends have donated thousands of pounds to buy equipment that not only makes patients’ and visitors’ time in hospital more comfortable, but more importantly helps save lives.

"I am proud to be a part of this organisation and little did I know that 52 years on from serving that first cup of tea in Castle Street, I would still be helping such a worthy cause."

Dr David Jenkins, a diabetes consultant at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and Kidderminster Hospital said: "I had an ambition to study medicine from an early age, and medical training in the UK and the NHS are inextricably bound together."

"Everyone knows that the NHS has got progressively busier.

"We now check much more carefully to see if we are doing things properly, and are much better at trying to make healthcare safer."

Dr Jenkins said he is proud to be part of the NHS.

He said: "I continue to be amazed by the skills and good will of my numerous colleagues from various disciplines as they try to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

"I find this genuinely inspirational and am proud to work with them."