THE Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group assembled again as part of Love Parks Week, working together to tackle the litter problem within in Evesham’s green spaces.

Ten volunteers, along with a representative from McDonald’s, joined forces to litter pick in the natural areas by Battleton Brook and Woodend. Overall, they collected 15 bags, comprising mainly of stray bottles, wrappers and cigarette butts.

The level of litter in the location was of varying levels, with a lighter covering highlighting the success of the group: residents are taking the ‘anti-litter’ message to heart and putting a stop to littering.

On the pick, several resident’s offered their support for the initiative, thanking the volunteers while children made an effort to utilise the bins around them.

Gerry O’Donnell, local councillor and chairman of the initiative, commented: “It’s lovely to see residents acting to put a stop to litter.

"As usual, we stumbled across discarded cans, bottles and cigarette butts, but the level was lower than what we’ve previously seen. This proves to us that Evesham residents are acting on the issues being caused by the minority and want their town to go back to being the clean location it once was. “It’s also lovely to see locals caring for their green spaces. This particular pick was conducted as part of Love Parks Week and what we saw was the resident’s doing just that. People were utilising the bins around them, protecting the beautiful open spaces for generations to come.”

As part of their three-step plan comprising of ‘Environment, Education and Enforcement’, the volunteers are making strides in educating local people by working with both the Evesham Town Council and Wychavon District Council to change behaviour.

Not only this, but the Evesham Town Plan Anti-Litter Group are developing connections with Tesco, Morrisons and McDonald’s, asking them to encourage their customers to put an end to littering.

Rooftop housing association are also offering their support in spreading the anti-litter message, joining the group on a litter pick on August 2.

Cllr O'Donnell added: “These links are vital for the group. If we want to end littering in the area, we need big companies such as McDonald’s to help us in encouraging both residents and visitors to bin their waste.”

The group would like to extend their thanks to everyone spreading the anti-litter message, and would like to thank the volunteers who joined them.

For more information on upcoming picks and to notify the group of your own litter pick, email