CHILDREN’S charity Mentor Link based in Stourport is recruiting volunteer mentors to support children and young people in schools.

Owing to a current shortage of male mentors, Mentor Link would like to hear from men who would like to support boys in schools for around an hour each week.

Enquiries are also welcome from female mentors, as the demand for services continues to grow. Anyone interested should be a good listener, patient and enjoy working with children and young people.

The mentors are trained to support and encourage young people who are facing issues which are impacting on their education and well-being, with a view to improving their self- esteem and engagement in learning.

The charity is hoping Mark Warmington’s experience will inspire men in the area to get involved.

The volunteer said: "Volunteering with Mentor Link gives me an opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life.

"Each of my mentees know they can speak about anything that is important to them and truly be heard. This helps build their confidence and trust in adults that they won’t be judged."

Anyone who can spare an hour a week, and is able to commit to a minimum of 6 months volunteering, contact Claire Quinn on 07973 572768 or email

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