COTSWOLD artist and author Ann Blockley RI SWA has recently compiled a book: ‘John Blockley- A Retrospectve’ published by Batsford, about her late father’s paintings and drawings.

John Blockley RI PPS RWS NEAC ( 1924-2002) was famous internationally for his books and iconic paintings. He owned a gallery in Stow on the Wold in his lifetime, which was a meeting place for fans and other artists from around the globe.

Ann is curating an informal exhibition at her studio in Gloucestershire selling some of the family’s private collection of paintings, drawings and sketches- some of which have never been on show before.There is a mixture of paintings in different mediums, sizes and subjects,including some interpretations from the latest book.

The exhibition takes place at Church View studio, Todenham, GL56 9PF on September 8th-15th , 11- 4pm. ( closed Monday 10th)