Temperatures have been soaring at Middle Littleton’s Farm Animal Sanctuary and one of the pig residents have been trying to keep cool.

Freda the pig loves to bathe in a cool mud wallow and Steph who looks after her gets in and helps to cover her in mud, applying sun tan lotion if needed.

Freda has lived at the sanctuary for over two years. Previously she had been living in solitary confinement in appalling conditions on a run down patch of ground in Warwickshire.

She was wading up to her belly in slurry, her shelter was a piece of broken tin, she had no bedding and was fed mainly on household scraps. Most pigs are naturally curious animals who thrive on company, their own or human.

Now a delightful, happy, forgiving sow who loves nothing better than sitting in the doorway of shelter watching the world go by, waiting for someone to give her a belly rub.

She is in pig heaven.

The sanctuary is the UK’s oldest farm rescue centre, established for 25 years. It opens its doors to the public on Sunday 2nd September for its annual Open Day. From 1pm-5pm visitors can meet some of the over 580 animal residents and visit stalls selling crafts, food and gifts as well as hearing informative talks on animal welfare.