PARENTS were angry and "inconvenienced" by the announcement of the closure of a nursery.

Emma Poulson who's son Toby has been attending the nursery at Mickleton Primary and Nursery School said the way the closure has been handled is "appalling."

"I was completely taken aback, he had been there barely three weeks."

Mrs Poulson who lives in Mickleton said they still have no straight answer as to why the nursery has been closed. The parents were told by email on September 20. The last day of nursery provision will be Friday, November 23. Mrs Poulson was upset about "the tone and the matter of fact wording, without acknowledging the destruction it has caused, or anything to pacify us parents."

"To tell us by email was very insensitive."

"It's also the upset for the children now they have settled in, they now have to move somewhere else. Over the summer holidays he (Toby) got really excited. This is my first child going into school and it isn’t the start I wanted. ”

Mrs Poulson also commented on the fact that parents had spent money on brand new school uniforms, school shoes and book bags for their children.

She says the school have offered to refund the branded parts of the uniform, but she still has £30 shoes that will be too small for Toby by next year. She says the school have not offered to refund the money for the book bags.

Mickleton Primary School's Governing Body released the following statement regarding the closure of the nursery.

"We sent an e-mail out to parents informing them of this decision, which has given them the opportunity to ask further questions that we have responded to.

“I must reassure parents that this has not been a decision we have taken lightly, however with fewer numbers of children attending it is not possible to make it financially viable for the remainder of this academic year.

“We will be working with the local authority to put a business plan in place with a view to reopening in September 2019.”

Mrs Poulson said the the local authority told her the reason for the closure was lack of funding, but that the school has said it is to do with building works.

Mrs Poulson said: "Whether it is funding or building works, it shows a lack of foresight that the decision was not made sooner i.e. before the summer holidays."

Mrs Poulson said there was also a "lack of understanding of modern family life where parents choose the nursery to be in the same county as older siblings to fit in with holidays and career choices."

Mrs Poulson said it is now difficult for parents to find nursery places for their children as"all the good places are filling up."