A SCAM that involves callers encouraging victims to purchase iTunes vouchers and other gift cards has affected people in Worcestershire.

The callers usually convince the victims that they are police officers, or that they are from other official bodies such as HM Revenue and Customs.

One woman, who chose not to be named, said her 77-year-old mum who lives in Malvern was “in shock” when she received a sinister call recently.

“It was an international call so we couldn’t trace the number," she said. "They wanted her to confirm her date of birth and they also knew where she lived.

“They said they were from the tax office and that mum owed £900. They asked what she had to cover that cost. This terrified her.

“They threatened to come round and take assets. My mum said to them, ‘I don’t do anything without my daughters here'. They then said they were going to take her car away – she doesn’t even have a car.

“They then got uppity and said ‘we can take the money by gift vouchers.”

The woman’s mum realised the callers were not from the tax office and hung up.

The woman said she wanted to “highlight the danger and encourage people to be careful and not give out information they shouldn’t", adding "If the tax office get in contact, you always get a letter through the post.”

She said her mum "was shook up and nervous” after the incident.

The scam callers knew her name, address and date of birth.

“She is ok, they didn’t manage to get anything, but when someone’s threatening you it’s not nice,” the woman said.

The intended victim now has a block on international calls on her telephone.

West Mercia Police say they have received “numerous” reports of similar cases. A spokesman said fraudsters like iTunes gift cards to collect money from victims because they can be easily redeemed and easily sold on.

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