A DRUG addict stole a t-shirt and booze from two shops in Evesham to help fund his heroin habit.

Anthony Reeve, of Damson Drive, Hampton, Evesham, pleaded guilty to stealing the items from Sports Direct and Morrisons in Evesham.

The father, aged 42, who has post-traumatic stress disorder, was using four to five bags of heroin a day when he stole the goods.

Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said: “On July 2, he entered Sports Direct in Evesham, took an Adidas t-shirt and left the store.

“The security barrier was set off but the defendant left and was not detained.

“On August 1, he entered Morrisons and took six bottles of alcohol - five of Johnnie Walker whisky and one of Tullamore Dew.

“He made his way to the exit with them in a bag but was detained by security. He was subsequently identified on CCTV for the Sports Direct theft.”

Ms Ritchie added that the defendant had 49 similar offences on his record, previously receiving a 24-month prison sentence for theft.

Mark Sheward, defending, said Reeve had not offended since he stole the booze from Morrisons in August.

He described the defendant as a ‘man who needs help’ to get off drugs.

The court heard that the alcohol Reeve stole from Morrisons was worth £103, although it was recovered when he was caught.

A probation worker said: “He’s had a problem with heroin for a number of years, exacerbated by a 20-year relationship breakdown.

“He stole these items to sell - to purchase heroin. He realises that if he doesn’t address this the problem will only snowball further and his life will be miserable.”

Reeve previously used four to five bags of heroin per day, although he recently cut down on his use after moving into his brother’s home, the court heard.

Worcester Magistrates Court told Reeve to pay £24.99 compensation to Sports Direct, a £30 victim surcharge, an £80 fine and £138 in court costs on December 13.

He was also ordered to complete 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

The defendant stole the items on July 2 and August 1.