Visitors have had the first chance of the year to explore inside an unusual eye-catcher Croome Park, near Pershore.

Croome opened the doors of the Panorama Tower for the first of three occasions before spring on Sunday, allowing visitors to climb the spiral staircase and take in the Croome landscape from another perspective.

 “We’re really excited to be opening the Panorama Tower again this year,” said Katherine Alker, Croome’s garden and outdoors manager. “This is a fantastic opportunity for everybody to go inside this building and admire the far reaching views of the Worcestershire countryside and beyond.”

Making Croome more accessible for disabled visitors

 The Panorama Tower has a unique location as it not only overlooks Croome but on a clear day you can see Worcester Cathedral, Abberley Tower and even Clee Hill from the large circular balcony.  Originally designed by James Wyatt in 1801, it is made of Bath stone and modelled on Tempietto Romao in Rome. 

Acquired by the National Trust in 2009, Croft Conservation were immediately contracted to undertake restoration work which included replacing the door, installing sash windows, repairing the roof dome and repairs to the balustrades on the balcony. 

 The tower will be open twice more over the next two months – on Monday, February 18, and on Saturday, March 23. 

Entry is free. Call 01905 371006 for more information.