AN Evesham couple has said it is a disgrace they have been left without hot water and central heating at their Hampton property for nearly two months by Rooftop Housing.

And the housing association has now released an unusual statement admitting they got it wrong, apologising to the pair and promising to learn from their mistakes.

Sheila Peckham and partner Brian Turrell say for the past year they have had to call out the repair team on a number of occasions to repair faults with the central heating system at the property in Meadows End, but things came to ahead at the end of November when engineers condemned the system as obsolete.

Mr Turrell, 63, who works in maintenance, said: "Since that date we have had no hot water or heating apart from two small fan heaters which are absolutely useless.

"It is weeks since this occurred and as yet we have no date as to when this will be rectified.

"To have showers we have to boil water from a kettle.

"We were originally told that they would replace the heating system by the December 20 but seven weeks later we are still waiting for this to happen.

"It is a disgrace the way we have been treated and would like to know how we are going to be compensated.

"My partner and I have both been of sick from our jobs with colds and chest infections, unpaid so have probably lost over £700 in wages.

"We have been told by three councillors and her doctor that this situation is a complete joke."

Miss Peckham, 35, who works as a cleaner, added: "On Tuesday they phoned us up to offer a temporary accommodation, but we live with dogs and cats and so we can't really take up that offer.

"I have a heart condition, I shouldn't have to live like this. No one should.

"I have to go to my mum's to get a shower.

"We need it fixed."

Chris Morris, head of asset management at Rooftop Housing Group, said: "We were alerted to the problem with the heating in this property at the end of November and we have been working closely with our contractor to resolve the situation.

"The heating system is unrepairable, and, due to the nature of the system, a replacement has proved difficult to source.

"The heating is being replaced and we are talking to our contractors to make sure that happens as soon as possible.

"We were under the impression that the property had an electric shower that was providing hot water. We were wrong.

"There is no excuse for leaving our tenant without hot water for this extended period, and where we have got things wrong, we admit it and we learn from it.

"In this case we have got it wrong. We are contacting our tenant to find a way to make this period easier for them whilst our contractor works to replace the heating system.”