A FITNESS instructor has been given the chance to continue her passion for teaching at the age of 90.

Beryl Richens has kept physically active throughout her life but after falling several times at home, problems with her balance meant she was forced to give up teaching classes.

But after moving into Sanctuary Care’s Heathlands Residential Care Home in Pershore, the home’s activities assistant and carer Val Murphy decided to approach Beryl to see if they could find a way for her to continue to do what she loved.

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And now Beryl has been delivering chair exercises for seniors – her fellow residents - from the safety of her wheelchair.

Beryl said: “I get satisfaction that they are still trying to do something and move their bodies a little differently.

"You have got to do something to keep the old joints going, we all stiffen up eventually and it makes you feel younger.

"I loved it - it was something I have done since I was 18. I got so much pleasure from doing it.

"I still think I am pretty good for 90.”

In 1948 Beryl joined the Women’s League of Health and Beauty and was asked to do fitness classes. She went on to train with the South West Keep Fit Association (KFA) and ran exercise classes across Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury.

During her career she worked closely with Britain’s first female health and fitness guru Eileen Fowler, giving exercise demonstrations on stage at fitness rallies in front of hundreds of women. In 2002 Beryl was asked to produce a display with the KFA which featured at the Royal Albert Hall.

Val Murphy said: "The first class she did she was so confident it was like she had never been away.

"She is so determined she won’t give up.”