A POPULAR policeman, known for his regular tweets, has used the platform to highlight the latest incident of abuse from a 'persistent offender'.

PC Dave Wise - aka @CopThatCooks - tweeted that the offender said "I smell bacon" to him, in a nod to the derogatory term of calling police pigs, when he popped into the local shop earlier today.

But the West Mercia Police policemen, who regularly gives crime prevention advice and shares witness appeals on Twitter, posted a put down for the offender on his twitter account.

PC Wise wrote: "Spotted by a local 'persistent offender' in a shop.

"Got the boring 'I smell bacon' line.

"He's happy to pipe up but I assume he wouldn't want me to bring up all the times he's been arrested for punching his girlfriend or cried and begged for leniency at court?"

PC Wise, known for his witty tweets, ended by saying "Tedious" and added a smiley emoji.

PC Wise's twitter followers queued up to offer support for the policeman, including some praise for not replying back to the man at the time.

Traceoula wrote: "Childish and a bully. He’s not worth any words been wasted on him - Keep up the good work," while pezza88 said: "By not reacting it shows your the bigger person, and he will hate the fact you not react to him."

One follower added: "I’ve have the upmost respect for you ladies and gentlemen in the police force, fire and ambulance service.

"If your job isn’t hard enough you have to put up with some rotten little toe rag verbally abusing you - and often worse."

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