A LOCAL family have donated thousands of pounds to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to help the development of treatment for sick children.

Mandy Edwards, of Badsey Lane, Evesham, has fund-raised for the hospital for the last 15 years and has donated over £21,400 to the hospital, where her daughter Bethan is being treated for a life-limiting heart condition.

Mandy raises money in a number of ways including stalls at local craft fairs, selling plants outside her house, and organising her annual craft fair in November each year at Leedons Park, Childswickham.

She said: “We have just announced that our ninth annual craft event will be on Saturday, November 16. It is a major contributor to my fundraising. Lots of family and friends rally round to help on the day.”

Growing ways to raise funds

Bethan, aged 14, has a rare life-limiting heart condition, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means that she only has half a heart.

Mandy said: “Birmingham Children’s Hospital have been brilliant in their care for Beth. She is doing well at moment however the likelihood is that she will need a heart transplant into adulthood."

Bethan also has a revamped website with a new logo. For further news on her story, go to bethan.org.uk, where you will also be able yo buy a copy of the book, Bethan - A Year In The Life Of The Baby With Half A Heart.

All proceeds go towards the fundraising efforts.