Students from Prince Henry’s High School and the De Montfort School Interact Clubs, together with members of the Rotary Club of Evesham visited the Walled Gardens at Croome Court to admire the purple crocuses.

The students planted 5,000 bulbs last October on World Polio Day and enjoyed a return visit to see the results of their work.

Rotary chairman Hein van der Steen said: "The objective is to remind ourselves how important it is that polio has almost been eradicated from this world.

"It is easy for young people in the UK to forget that 50 years ago polio was a serious problem all over the world.

"Owners of the historic Walled Gardens, Karen and Chris Cronin mentioned that their main objective is to attract interest and support from the community at large and to help re-educate ourselves and our children about the importance of sustainable and healthy living.

"The link with End Polio Now fits very well with this objective and involvement of student from Evesham schools is great.

"Purple is the colour of the End Polio campaign; children have their little fingers painted purple when they have been immunised, and these purple crocuses will year after year make an important statement about the importance of health."

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