PUPILS at an Evesham school enjoyed a fantastic feast and dressed up as Romans for a recent special history lesson.

The year 3 class at Abbey Park First and Nursery School took part in Rotten Roman Day which included doing 'gruesome gladiator' word problems in maths, producing Roman menus and devising and describing Roman gladiator characters in literacy, as well as Roman dancing and mosaic making in art.

A special feast was organised, which was the highlight of the event at the Abbey Road-based school.

One of the pupils, Olivia, said: “I loved the feast on Roman Day, because we got to taste new combinations of food, and we ate food like avocado and figs, that I haven’t had before.”

Another pupil Esme said: “I loved dressing up as my character Theodora Vesta, who is a wealthy Roman citizen,” Thomas said: "I learned a lot about Roman gods”- while Izzy. added: “My favourite part was dancing – we had such fun and there were lots of actions”

Samantha Faulkner, from the school said: "It’s an exciting and inspiring way of approaching a history topic.

"It has allowed us to be really creative across the whole curriculum.”

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