A FUNDRAISING family held a charity fundraiser to raise money and awareness.

In September last year, Lisa Niblett received the devastating news Steve, Lisa's husband and dad to daughters Kayleigh and Danielle, had inherited the non curable Huntington's disease.The disease of the central nervous system is caused by a faulty gene and passed down through families, effecting people's ability to walk, talk, think clearly and control movement. It can also major depression, paranoia, psychosis and more.

Since the diagnosis, the Huntington Association has supported the family so Lisa said she wanted to "give something back". Earlier this month the family, with the help of friends, held their first fundraising event at Evesham Hospital Social Club that raised more than £2,800.

Mrs Niblett said: "The fundraising night was really successful.

"There was a quiz, an auction and a raffle. Not many people know about that disease. Its hereditary - at the moment there is no cure. Awareness means funding and funding means we can be one step closer to finding a cure."

Mrs Niblett added they are currently organising more fundraisers that will take place later this year.

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